Meet The Six Startups Part Of Anthill Ventures’ Lumos Health Accelerator Program

Early stage investment firm Anthill Ventures and Bengaluru-based cancer care provider HealthCare Global (HCG), have shortlisted six startups for their healthtech focused accelerator program, Lumos Health. 

The selected startups include AI-enabled radiology diagnosis solution Alixir, pulse diagnosis application AyuRythm, equipment trading platform BiMedis, human cell sampling tool C-Test Medicals, wound and tissue analysis system Kronikare, and non-wearable sleep and breathing baby monitor Raybaby. 

The 12 month accelerator program was launched in the late 2018, and has since then, recieved over 120 applications from across 10 countries. Lumos Health will help the selected startups to raise investments, assist them in getting regulatory approvals and provide mentoring to increase the startup’s customer base and help in generating more revenue. 

Lumos will also take advirsory equity in the selected companies, depending on the startup’s current funding stage and valuation. 

Prasad Vanga, founder and CEO of Anthill Ventures said, “We will help these startups to scale into globally markets as some of them will work on real use-cases, and deploy their products in real client engagements through our tailored market access program.”

The program claims to provide market access in India, Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The focus sub-sectors of the program include oncology, fertility, genomics, bionics, and research & diagnostics, among other emerging sectors. 

Anjali Ajaikumar, program director of Lumos Health and vice president of HCG said, “Under the Lumos Program, startups will enhance their product, have impactful interactions with our 30+ partner companies in both the local and global network and see how their company is making a difference in the quality of health and patient care.” 

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