Company Profile: Onward AssIst

Onward AssIst

Advanced cancer prognostics platform for histopathologists and radiologists


Onward AssIst is an advanced cancer prognostics platform that helps oncologists make better treatment decisions and improve outcomes. The company provides computer vision- and machine learning-based automated diagnostic tools and treatment decision support tools for use by histopathologists, radiologists and oncologists.

Onward AssIst leverages deep-tech to help localize cancer and reduce unnecessary biopsies. The company partners with clinicians to build machine learning models that analyze images of new patients to automatically identify the location of tumors, stroma, etc., and combine data with other patient-related information to derive advanced insights on tumor classification and staging.

The company is engaged in continuous innovation and is associated with cancer institutes with clinical collaborations focused on novel approaches, challenges faced in cancer prognostics, and important biomarkers.

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