Health-Tech as an Opportunity for Start-ups

Devang Mehta, Partner, Anthill Ventures, gives his insights on the tremendous and constantly evolving potential of Health-tech and how it is emerging as an exciting opportunity for Start-ups

Covid has evangelised the collective mind-set of the masses towards healthier living. This mind-set includes continuously building immunity, improving sanitation, pre-empting disease, and generally, ensuring a perennially healthy lifestyle. The healthcare industry has proven to be one of the key drivers contributing to the growth of the country and is further estimated to become one of India’s most successful industries with respect to revenue generation and employment rate.

Consequently, a lot of downstream activity and thinking emerges regular check-ups, holistic wellness approaches (specifically at the intersection of Yoga, Ayurveda, and modern health), ubiquitous availability of personalised health information on health vitals to doctors and loved ones, natural availability of remote health, contactless living and more.

This milieu translates into a socio-economic environment where the broad populations will want to be screened and alerted to the presence of chronic diseases (or virtually ailment) as part of regular check-ups. They will want to be presented with an array of personalized treatment options in synch with unique individual characteristic and lifestyles. There will be constant pressure to make tests minimally invasive, frictionless, and breezy- as an example, personalised screening for cancer and specific cancers through newer biomarkers like sputum, and breath. There will be a constant demand for results and pointers to remedial action to be continually available on mobile devices. For customised neutraceuticals diets to support the recovery process and prevent remission. The progression in technology and the growth of forever-aware IoT devices has been a great help to relay information to doctors at any and every given point, 24×7 and quickly catch the disease’s onset and remission.

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