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Healthcare Speed Scaling

Lumos Health is Asia’s premier Healthcare speed scaling program that seeks to unlock synergies between startups and the healthcare ecosystem. In the past years, we have reviewed 500+ startups, have had 350+ applications, and accepted 9 startups into our portfolio. 

We leverage Anthill Ventures and Lumos Health partners (hospitals, clinics, corporates etc.) to source the best businesses. Our startups are assessed for business and clinical success across India, Singapore, Israel, and the United States. They are then evaluated for scale through a proprietary Scalability Quotient (SQ)TM.

Our orbit encompasses an elite, deeply pedigreed and highly storied set of investment professionals and medical experts. It also includes luminaries in the Healthcare space, speed scaling mentors, and various other elements in the broader Venture Capital and funding ecosystem.

We firmly believe that in addition to capital, startups need valuable and timely advisory support to scale their businesses effectively. With their years of expertise in the field, hospitals and doctors mentor startups to shape their core offerings.Together we foster innovation and produce state-of-the-art outcomes in health care.

While our primary interest is companies working in Oncology, Fertility, Genetics and innovative diagnostics,  we love to talk to startups with highly disruptive innovations that have the potential to change the status quo in existing markets; or create entirely new markets through the sheer power of innovation.

Our Startups

Faster and cheaper point-of-care rapid diagnostic device for early detection of infectious diseases

Non-invasive early detection of oral cancer

Advanced cancer prognostics platform for histopathologists and radiologists

Patient-specific implants and disposable surgical instruments

Intelligent baby monitoring devices

Holistic wellness using ayurveda and mobile technologies

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Medical Fields
Commercial Innovations

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We’d love to hear about your Healthcare innovation! Connect with us and let’s identify ways to work together to solve pressing problems in Oncology and other Healthcare areas.